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Lucy at the Senior Run in Huntsville, AL.  Lucy, at 11 years in 2011


My Boy Mach Zeus's Fury lost his hind leg 4 years ago.  He has missed running agility sooo much. Sunday August 12th I took him to the NADAC trial in Bowling Green, KY. He was allowed to run weavers and hoopers that day.  He was amazing, he ran with the biggest doggy smile on his face it made me cry to see his happiness.  He also took 1st place in the Novice 16 weavers and hoopers.

Still an awesome boy at 10 years old and missing one leg. Mama is so proud of you Zeus, your drive and love for life still shines through.

Stahl's Agility Dogs

MACH 3 Lucy Anne, MACH Zeus's Fury, Imported Bo MX MXJ,  MACH Boston

Stahl’s Border Collies is located close to the Kentucky state line in Bethpage, Tennessee. We are very active in Agility Trials with our dogs and travel to trials often in the spring and summer months.


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Lucy received her MACH 3 June 27, 2010


Imported Bo  MX and MXJ and 5 Double Q's


Stahl's Boston at her first agility show

Stahl's Boston earned her Mach June 23rd at the MOTC show in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. June 23rd was also her 4th Birthday, a big accomplishment for a 4 year old. Mama is very proud of you, Boston !!

Stahl dogs enjoying a day at the pool


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