Effie Dickey and Gunner

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I just wanted to tell you how our Gunner is doing. I think you called him Lance. He is our absolute pride and joy. We love him so much and he brings us so much love and happiness to our lives everyday. We thought we would be teaching Gunner, but I think it's the other way around! Gunner and I spent the winter in Wickenburg, Arizona at a guest ranch where we learned how to behave around livestock. We then worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the summer for an outfitting and guiding business in the wilderness area where we would ride into hunt camp 35 miles from base camp and ride out the next day. This is a long trek for any dog, but Gunner took it in stride. We had a mother grizzly with three cubs come into base camp in September looking for food and Gunner alerted me immediately when she was around camp. His intelligence continues to amaze me. Thank you for bringing such a great companion into my life. Regards, Effie Dickey and Gunner