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Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Rocket (Jake as my daughter named him.) I was SO skeptical about a Border Collie with all the hype about how much exercise they need and how busy they are and how they could not be happy without a job..... Well, Jumping Jake the Rocket does get exercise, 30-40 minute walk through fields and woods every morning, and we do throw the ball for him 2-3 times a day for 10-20 tosses each time (or else he carries the ball around the house, drops it rolling toward us with that please look in his eyes), but he is absolutely the sweetest, most endearing dog we have ever had. Right now we have 5, and he is tops on the list of sweet, fun, and lovable. He is so smart and trainable, I just can't believe him. We have done the basic sit/down/stay stuff at home, and we plan to start obedience and agility with him in the fall. We believe he will excel at all. I will talk with anyone you would like me to about your Border Collies and what to expect. Jake/Rocket is the son of Reba and Zeus born Nov. '07, so he is not yet 1 year old. He has never been destructive, but instead, carries my daughters stuffed animals around as if they are his to care for. He is awesome and I love him more everyday. We all do, and the other dogs that he harasses the most (herding them out the door etc.) love him too. He is just special. Thanks for breeding such wonderful Border Collies. Karen Kirkman