Patricia Parkent

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Phoenix (aka Luke) in the wagon. Everyone thinks he is just gorgeous! He has started flyball training and I have him signed up for a beginning agility class now. This is after he accomplished earning the AKC Star Puppy award, and, the CGC. He is such a good boy, and comes to me, no matter what. Lacey, in the background, just earned her first flyball (FD) title a couple of weeks ago. We go to a tournament this week and I fully expect she will get the next title there. Lacey has also been in agility training this past year and is doing very well. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. She is a lover and everyone just adores her. The black and white is my rescue, Tejano. He is the fellow that started it all and caused me to fall in love with border collies. He just earned his latest flyball title, “Flyball Master Champion (FMCh). Patricia Parkent