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Hi Gretchen! I just wanted to update you on our happiest family member. We adopted Rudy (Trooper), son of Bo and Trixie, in November of 2008. He is now 9 months old and is the sweetest dog on the planet. His markings and striking blue eyes are so stunning that we get stopped regularly while out in public to be asked what breed he is and where we got him. We are a very busy family, but Rudy just happily tags along with whatever we do. He loves to get in the van to go on his next adventure! His sweet nature draws strangers to him like a magnet and he has not once shown any sign of fear or aggression toward strangers, dogs, or cats. In fact, he is quite social and will greet anyone with licks and loves. He adores all children since they give him loves and pets. My son Logan and Rudy are truly best friends. They love to run around together and take turns chasing each other while playing hide and seek. Rudy loves to play fetch and has grown attached to his Frisbee. He is also a great running companion, as our family runs together at least once a week. I heard that Border Collies are quite territorial and protective, but Rudy has not even growled at anything other than a bird. Since his best friend is a 5 year old, he has endured tail pulls, being sat on, having his ears pulled on, tongue pulls, punches etc., and only pants and licks in response. He even makes a soft, furry pillow while we watch movies. I cannot express with words the intelligence of this dog. At 9 months, he has completely grown past all of his puppy indiscretions. He has a working vocabulary of about 25 words including all of the basic commands and he will potty and poop on command. He even sings with us! Since he is a family pet and not a working dog, we have successfully taught him that herding is not his calling. He now prefers chasing Frisbees and chewing on raw hide. Also, this dog NEVER stinks! His natural smell is pleasant and his breath smells like nothing at all. He will be covered in mud from playing outside and will have his white fur and paws immaculate within an hour with no funky dog smell at all. We bath him maybe once a month and this is saying a ton since he lives indoors with us and I am very picky about my home. He sheds very little, his coat requires almost no maintenance, and his fur just shines and glistens like silk. I think that Bo and Trixie are a perfect DNA match. I’m sorry this letter has been so long, but I just can’t say enough about Rudy. He is the most wonderful companion and has doused all of my fears of adopting a high-energy dog. He has proven to be the best of both worlds and I am so grateful that our prayers have been answered in our furry family member. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful pups! Sincerely, Jeremy, Tiffany, Logan and Rudy Plank