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I just wanted to give you a little update and let you know that Rocket has a really good home. He is friends with the split face cat Charlie, and every weekend he gets to visit my mom's collie Macie. He is so much fun, my husband and I love him very much. He goes to puppy preschool on Wednesdays and is awesome. Our main concern is to get him to jump when we want him too, because he is a springboard on four legs. I'm just worried he might injure himself before his bones are fully grown. He listens very well and has been house broken since almost they day we brought him home. I play ball with him every day and he fetches and brings the ball back and releases it. We are working with leash training and that's going a little slow, because he wants to run all the time. I love the high energy he brings into my home. Katie and Thor Erikson