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Bailey, now named Aislyn, has been one of the best decisions of my life. She has the perfect temperament and is full of love for creatures of all shapes and sizes. Aislyn loves spending her mornings with her older Lab/Australian Shepard mix, and he loves running after her in games of tag. He hasn't been this happy since he lost his sister shortly before we began searching for another puppy. She's slowly charming our cat, BC, though she's proven more difficult to win over. Next week, she'll be graduating her first puppy training course. She's the star of her class being able to sit, come, lie down, crawl, walk through a hoop, and she's learning to roll over. As a present for all her hard work, we'll be ordering her first service dog vest. She's been all over my college campus and she's seen my sorority house and everywhere we go everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved she is. With much love, Caitlin and Aislyn