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Hope you guys are doing well. Gabe is my absolute best buddy. He's just the sweetest, most loving little guy! Funny, too. He's scared of everything he's never seen before-- babies, singing, boxes of Tupperware--you name it! I left a Pepsi bottle on the floor one day and he was stricken with terror. I left it there to see what he would do, and to my surprise he didn't even touch the bottle for a week!! Now, though, that's his favorite toy. Very cute. He has met so many people and I'm amazed at how he gauges how to behave when he sees them! With adults, he's outgoing and charismatic, but with children and older people he's very, very reserved. He is so, so good with people. The baby that he was so terrified of, within a few minutes (after literally peeing himself) he laid down next to him and just let the baby poke his face to his content. So sweet. We're SO CLOSE to having him potty trained! Two days ago when I left him for an extended period he only peed once and hid it with two pillows from the couch -.- Though the pillow situation was not ideal, I like to think of that example as him reaching absolute bladder capacity, then hiding it because he realized what he did was no good. But maybe I'm just seeing the good in him :) He has started puppy classes last Saturday in Asheville! He's the star of the show. This pic really shows his personality. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy, and I'm glad every single day that we stuck with Gabe. Thank you for all of your help, Gretchen! Sincerely, Eden Johnson