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Just wanted to send you an update and some pics of our sweet little Holly Belle (was 'Penelope' out of Risky Business and Lil Bit's 10/15/15). She is exactly how you described. She is full of herself but in a good way. She is perfect, perfect, perfect....a very happy and people loving girl. Her baby fur is still on her so she hasn't shed at all yet...SUPER soft. She gets motion sick like crazy but has learned since her first ride home how to aim her face into a bag. She had a very, very slight heart murmur at her 9 week vet appointment but it was so small that it resolved itself by her 12 week check up. She is 10 lbs and the prettiest little girl with her sweet little freckled nose. She gets hilariously crazy wild when she goes into crazy BC puppy mode (we all know what that means - spastic laps around the house, crazy eyeballs, spinning out every corner, and sudden unexpected sneaky nip and pinch attacks from behind while she is all fired up). She is affectionate, loves a good belly rub and also loves to curl up and mold her body completely against us with a good chew toy. Two interesting facts- she loves to sneak and eat on little rocks so we do a "rock check" after each potty run before we go back in the house. Another is that she is known to 'poo' while balancing on just her front two legs. She gets her back legs up so close to her front legs that they often end up resting somehow against the front legs until she is teetering mid-air in squat position while doing a #2 potty. Its hilarious!! We are working on breaking the infamous BC herding and biting on the legs of our 5 year old daughter, which we fully expected to deal with after having had a BC before. Some days she is sassier than others and likes to have the 'last word' or the last sneak 'pinch', but other days she is quick to let up and does not like to disappoint us once we've corrected her. This girl is faster than lightening. She is already fabulously agile like a cat. First day with us, she flew completely up our 15 step stairway with no hesitation at all-scared me to death. The other day she came running up to my husband while he was standing up straight in our yard and jumped all the way up into his arms!!! He was so proud! We know to keep her acrobatics at a low roar until she is a year old or so, so boy that was an AMAZING (and unexpected) sense of what she will be capable of by that point. We couldn't be more pleased with her and I just wanted to let you know how well she has adjusted and how very, very, very much we love her. Enjoy the pics of her! Thank you again for our precious baby, Terri Watkin