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Naya. Hi thought you might like to know the pup that came to Wyo Naya (melody) is doing wonderful. She is definitely all ball of energy so its a good thing we have a job for her in the future. She still is a very bold pup. Not much rattles her. At the other end of the ranch where I go work my horses they have hundreds of rabbits that winter there and hang out in the arena. Well, at 2 1/2 month I could jump her out of the pickup and as soon as she set eyes on them away she goes herding them. I am talking circling, dropping to her belly, and walking up on them. It's actually wonderful practice for her since we won't put her on livestock until she is A LOT older. She herds up little bunches of them so there is absolutely no question she has an extremely strong herding instinct. I snapped this pic right after a bath cause she had been playing in the mud. We love her. I will keep you updated on her and her progress